Become a volunteer!

If you are attached to the history and heritage of Burgundy and would like to see our region recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, become one of our campaign’s goodwill ambassadors !

Whether you prefer interacting with the public to present the candidature at our information stands, or entering support form data on our web site from home… the choice is yours and there’s no obligation !
The only commitment the Association asks of you is your participation at least 3 times a year.  

Information and registration : Contact us

Missions : ‘à la carte’ commitment, depending on your availability

  • Presenting the candidature campaign, interacting with visitors, collecting support forms and distributing « communication kits » at public information stands during local events
  • Helping to organise events and activities run by the Association for example : La Marche des Climats (Climats walk),Climats on the Roc, Semaine des Climats (Climats week), sponsors gala evening, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Coordonating activities for children (and explaining how to use the kits provided), at public information stands
  • Entering support form data on our web site from your own home
  • Preparing correspondance documents for postage via bulk mail
  • Putting together Climats candidature presentation sets, which are used during campaign events and presentations

In return for your support, we offer you :

  • Moments of conviviality, including an annual appreciation evening to thank all our volunteers, held at one of the emblematic venues of the Climats of Burgundy.
  • Regular briefing sessions to update you on the progress of the application dossier
  • A « volunteer’s information pack » with tools to help you inform the public (powerpoint presentation, updated information sheets, etc…)
  • Reimbursement of your postal costs and long distance travel expenses