How can I support the project?

Mobilisation and communication are the keys to the success of the support of the site included on the World Heritage List. They demonstrate the whole area’s commitment to preserving and developing the Climats. By devoting some of your time, or by making a donation, you too can make a contribution to this worthy cause. Become a supporter!

While there may be some “Climat-sceptics” around, I’m “Climat-convinced”. Join us, be a “Climat-militant”! Vive la Bourgogne.




I would like to help the Association with the different missions and events it undertakes.

Example: manning an information stand, collecting signed support bulletins, setting up events, etc.

I make myself known


20 to 40 € per year

I am a professional or private individual and I wish to take part in the association’s work by supporting its activities.

I will receive the Newsletter and an invitation to the General Assembly.

I am entitled to a tax deduction between 60% and 66%.



150 to 10,000 € per year

I am a professional and I wish to contribute financially to the association.

I am entitled to a tax deduction of 60% on the amount of my donation.

I associate the image of my company to that of the candidature.