Involving future generations and schools

Our children are the future of Burgundy and they will be given the task of managing and protecting the Climats in the years ahead. With this in mind, the Association has been working with local partners to run educational programs, activities and workshops in schools, museums and youth leisure centres.

Deepening the younger generation’s understanding of the notion of « Climat » has been one of the key concerns of the campaign. Since 2011, several pilot schemes have been launched in primary, middle and secondary schools and in youth leisure centres. Special educational tools have been designed with the help of our local partners. As a result, over 2,730 young people have been involved and over 30 activity leaders trained!

Educational tools for teachers (of primary, middle and secondary school levels)

Over 1, 300 schools and extra-curricular activity centres have been involved in the candidature by means of educational booklets. History, geography, biology, French and Art – each of these disciplines provides an opportunity to understand and explain the Climats of Burgundy. Among the resources available to pupils and students are easy-to-read texts, more in-depth scientific explanations and practical, fun activities: all of these have been approved by the DSDEN (Directorate of Departmental Services for National Education) of Cote-d’Or. 50 educational kits are also available on request in the region’s educational resource centres and through the association.
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Every year, new activity leaders are trained

We organise a special training day which includes landscape appreciation and provides you with the opportunity to improve your knowledge of the emblematic historical sites and heritage landmarks of the Climats of Burgundy.
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« Découvre ta Bourgogne! » (Discover your Burgundy!)

In 2010, the Burgundy wine board designed a mediation support tool: « Découvre ta Bourgogne ». Children become genuine ambassadors for the Climats by sending a postcard explaining the candidature to their parents!              

A booklet designed for 6-12 year-olds

Fun, easy-to-read and richly illustrated, this 24-page booklet invites children to discover the history of the Climats, how the Côte landscapes developed and the heritage emerged, and to learn about vineyard work and wine-making. This booklet also contains games, quizzes and a practical guide of sites to visit.

« Les climats de Bourgogne, une mosaïque de vignes » (The Climats of Burgundy, a mosaic of vines) published by Editions La Petite Boite - collection « La Bourgogne racontée aux enfants » (Burgundy for children)
Extracts from the booklet

Let’s play Climats !

There are many fun ways for children to learn about the jobs and savoir-faire (winegrower, merchant, etc…), as well as the heritage found in the vineyards, towns, villages and even in the names of the Climats. Find out about the specially designed memory game, giant quizz and card games in our multimedia library.

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Artist workshops in the schools of Côte-d’Or

In 2011, the General Council of Côte-d’Or launched an appeal to create multidisciplinary work projects centred on the Climats. Three middle schools have already introduced pilot schemes involving several educational fields: visual arts, English language and natural sciences.

Museum workshops

Special educational workshops have been held in the Jardin des Sciences de Dijon (Dijon Science Garden) and the Burgundy Wine Museum in Beaune. These workshops encourage pupils to learn about the different aspects of the Climats by studying biology and viticulture. They can also discover the palette of aromas and careers in the wine sector.