« Découvre ta Bourgogne! » (Discover your Burgundy!)

In 2010, the Burgundy wine board designed a mediation support tool: « Découvre ta Bourgogne ». Children become genuine ambassadors for the Climats by sending a postcard explaining the candidature to their parents!              

A booklet designed for 6-12 year-olds

Fun, easy-to-read and richly illustrated, this 24-page booklet invites children to discover the history of the Climats, how the Côte landscapes developed and the heritage emerged, and to learn about vineyard work and wine-making. This booklet also contains games, quizzes and a practical guide of sites to visit.

« Les climats de Bourgogne, une mosaïque de vignes » (The Climats of Burgundy, a mosaic of vines) published by Editions La Petite Boite - collection « La Bourgogne racontée aux enfants » (Burgundy for children)
Extracts from the booklet

Let’s play Climats !

There are many fun ways for children to learn about the jobs and savoir-faire (winegrower, merchant, etc…), as well as the heritage found in the vineyards, towns, villages and even in the names of the Climats. Find out about the specially designed memory game, giant quizz and card games in our multimedia library.

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